2019/07/28 08:30:00

JULY 28, 2019

to the Val Brevettola Skyrace, fourth edition!


The reason because Val Brevettola Skyrace was born, in 2016, was just one: for remembering them. Since the day when the mountain decided to keep our friends with itself, two years have been passed. Time is flowing away, but our memories of them are still clear, and emotions continue to raise. We miss Dado and Meme. Everybody miss them. People asked us, during the last years, if Val Brevettola Skyrace was just a singular event or if we had the intention to carry it on for a long time. We had no doubts. The remembering sense, for us, is keeping it during the time. Valorize our friends’ passions with their same energy is our aim since the starting point. Now we know what is the right way: this. And now, we have to go on together.



28 July 2019


21 Km
to run


1800 m


1 goal to reach

Val Brevettola Skyrace is a Skyrunning race, with a both technical and hard trail. The path is 21 km long, and it’s completely localized in the Montescheno’s (VB) mountains. The elevation gain is 1800m. The starting point is Enrico Minacci square, in Montescheno (702m). From there, runners have to reach alpe Ogaggia (1977m), on the right of Brevettola creek, running through pastures and woods. Alpe Ogaggia is an important place: it’s the arrival of GPM, Grand Prix of Mountain, prestigious prize.

From Ogaggia, runners will go down to alpe Vauzone (1653m) and climb again till passo d’Arnigo (2000m). Then, they’ll run up and down towards passo Saudera (1850m), alpe Pianino, skirting natural beauties of Bognanco valley. The hardest descent will start from there and, through alpe Aulamia, alpe Vallemiola, athletes will reach Enrico Minacci square again, after the last uphill scretch.


We’ve got an important jackpot. We keep the same amount of money for both, men and women, because we strongly believe in peer opportunities.


1°: 600€
2°: 400€
3°: 200€
4°: 100€
5°: 50€


1°: 600€
2°: 400€
3°: 200€
4°: 100€
5°: 50€


The athlete who beats the last record (today is Paolo Bert’s one for men, 2h10’29’’, and Denisa Dragomir’s one for women, 2h38’20’’) wins 200 euros.


The first athlete to reach the GPM point (after 1370m d+) wins 200 euros (both men and women).


“I found a cheer, during my race, that’s kind of rare thing in the italian mountains. An incredible arrival and a really panoramic path: here, you can run on the real mountain”.

Paolo Bert, winner of third edition

“A very nice race, really technical path inside a fantastic environment. You run all the race on a beautiful mountain path and with so many people to cheer”.

Daniel Antonioli, skyrunner and winter triathlon world champion

“This is a race to run with legs and heart. The path is very beautiful: a challenging track, with climbs and descents, which leads you to run on the real mountain. What impressed me when I ran was the hug of the whole people when I arrived: I felt chills on my arms”.

Emanuela Brizio, skyrunning world champion and 1st edition winner

“I have a really nice memory of this race. A beautiful landscape, clean paths, lots of recovery points. The two climbs are hard, as the descents, but completely safe. I’ll carry with me, during my all life, the cheering people I found on the path: kind of unique”.

Rolando Piana, 1st and 2nd edition winner



Valorize Valle Antrona’s environment is one of the most important aims of Val Brevettola Skyrace. It’s a proud for us seeing lots of people walking on our mountain paths, last year, both before and after the event. This territory deserves to be discovered, and Alta Valle Antrona too. Here, there are the climbing mountain goats valley, on Cingino’s weir. Here, we have one of the most beautiful CAI’s mountain hut, “rifugio Andolla”. Moreover, in this valley are amazing mountains: Moncucco, Camughera, Testa dei Rossi, Pizzo Ciapè. A mix of excellences to discover.


A 400 years old procession, the oldest of the Alps. This is “Lautani dei sette Fratelli”. Val Brevettola Skyrace’s path coincide with Lautani’s.
History, tradition, legend. The story tells that seven brothers, in 1600, decided to cross this path on their knees, to thank God to be alive after a plague epidemic. Since 400 years, on the third July Sunday a lot of people walk together on this path. The next week, on the same way, Val Brevettola Skyrace’s moment comes.